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HOPe Charity is a non-sectarian charity dedicated to changing lives of the poorest of the poor in the developing world for more than 12 years.A team of dedicated volunteers, HOPe carefully selects projects which help communities thrive. At least 90% of the funds raised go directly to our charitable projects.  As a tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization, all donations are deductible.
Join us for our Annual General Meeting
Sat Mar 28th 2015
Ossining NY

Join us for our "Its FINALLY SPRING! Ceili"  
Sun., Mar 29th 3:30 to 7pm
Pride of Moyvane
Kerry Hall
305 McLean Ave., 
Yonkers, NY

PO Box 354
Woodlawn Station, NY 10470
1.844.HOPE NYC
The December 2014 HOPe membership meeting was made extra special by a visit from our beloved Sr Rosa.

Sr. Rosa, a Peruvian Sister whose work we have supported over the last five years or so is viewed by many of her supporters as a living saint. She, and her community, work tirelessly among the poor and desperate in her School and Community Support Center in the Bush area about forty miles from Lima. 

Her travel costs were being covered by individual HOPe members. She presented a video of her wonderful work with children and their families. This was an excellent opportunity to see and hear how HOPe dollars are being used for development projects. 

Gerry O'Shea
President, Hope Charity
Sr Rosa of Peru and a few of her students. 
We appreciate your 
continued support!